The Advertising Process

In regard to the process of site selection, sign design and ongoing care of the advertising display, this is how the arrangement works.

The client selects a suitable seat location by nominating a preferred vacant site or choosing from a short list of available sites in a nominated area supplied by Streetside. An agreement between the parties is raised, and once signed by the client the production process commences.

The layout and content of the display and artwork is either supplied by the client (normally in the case of a franchised advertiser) or designed by Streetside from the information supplied by the client. If precise colours and logos are required, these need to be provided by the client in an acceptable format. In either case a computer image is generated showing the exact size, colour and layout of the proposed sign content. Where necessary, the client is given assistance and guidance to ensure compliance with the requirements until the client is satisfied with the proposed display.

Once the artwork is approved in writing by the client, the design is then printed using the state of the art flatbed printing process, graffiti-proof coated, then erected on the selected seat.

All advertising sites are checked on a weekly basis (however we encourage clients to report any problem), and should a problem occur or become evident during our regular maintenance inspections, the problem is either rectified at the time or as soon as reasonably possible.

The client then receives a credit for any time the sign was damaged or not on display.

In thirty years of operation, we have never had one of our 500 clients refuse to pay for substandard display.

City of Vincent Seat ad

Bench advertising for the City of Vincent