Local Governments

Streetside Advertising is a Western Australian family owned and operated private company that deals exclusively with the supply of outdoor furniture to a number of Cities and Townships, in exchange for exclusive advertising rights. As part of the arrangement with that local government, Streetside also provides the community with additional non advertising public infrastructure in its parks, gardens, sports areas, schools and other areas as required by the ratepayers. This saves both the Councils and the ratepayer's money, as it is supplied, installed and maintained completely at Streetside's expense.

Having worked with local Councils for over thirty years, Streetside understands the importance of working together to provide adequate infrastructure throughout the Cities. We also understand that as areas develop, additional furniture will be required to support the growth of the community. We are always happy to communicate with the Councils to install and upgrade furniture as required.

Our successful partnership with local Governments over 30 years speaks for itself.

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