Why Advertise on Outdoor Furniture?

We offer special advantages for the success of your advertising campaign:

  • Targets your customers where they travel
  • High circulation, impressions and reach
  • One of the most cost-effective advertising medium
  • 24-Hour Exposure
  • Displays are close to traffic, at eye level and in full color
  • Penetrates where advertising is limited
  • Powerful results when added to media mix
  • Adverts on infrastructure near point of purchase in target market areas
Bench advertisement Mandurah

Bench Advertising is an exceptionally successful outdoor medium that delivers active exposure at an affordable price. Advertisers can presume great attainment in endorsing their company's products and services on outdoor furniture in target market areas.

Streetside is committed to helping your business succeed by offering quality advertising on outdoor furniture in prime locations.

"Streetside is a reliable family owned business. Whenever I have booked anything, they are always helpful and everything is always above board. They outline everything clearly and are always efficient in getting the campaign up and running as soon as possible."

- Gail Meredith (Media Planner)