Problem or Scenario

Our maintenance team were contacted by the Engineering Technical officer at the City of Rockingham

The City has received a request from two elderly residents for more seating in their suburb, particularly near the shopping centre.

What we did

Our maintenance team diverted two vehicles back to the Streetside workshop to build three brand new seats.

We set up an installation team while the seats were being prepared on the same day.

We adjusted our weekly routine to have three seats installed the very next morning.

The Outcome

All three community seats were placed in the desired location within 14 hours of receiving the request from the City of Rockingham.

We contacted the City to confirm the completion of the installations and the City could advise the residents of the actions the City undertook to satisfy their ratepayers request.


“Wow, thank you very much for placing the seats at the locations. I know these residents who use these bus stops are going to be very, very grateful.

We really appreciate you attending to this request so quickly!”

Catherine Frean – Engineering Technical Officer – City of Rockingham

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