Problem or Scenario

In September 2011, we offered the RoadWise Advisory group 10 prime seat advertising locations within the City of Mandurah to promote road safety. The seat ads would be installed and maintained free of charge.

What we did

We made suggestions of seat ad locations and design elements to keep the messages simple and positive. We graphically designed five concepts which were approved by RoadWise.

We printed and installed two of each of the five concepts and placed them strategically around the City of Mandurah.

We rotate the messages and locations twice a year to keep the impact fresh.

The Outcome

The free seat ads are still in place. For 8 years the RoadWise group have enjoyed this free arrangement. It is estimated that 200,000 motorists/pedestrians will see a RoadWise sign per average weekday.


‘A Certificate of Appreciation with Sincere Thanks in Recognition of Your Valuable Contribution Towards Road Safety’

Paddi Creevey – Mayor – City of Mandurah

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