Problem or Scenario

In October 2014 we were approached by a Travel Smart Officer at the City of Rockingham. The officer required advice on what could do with a well-used seat at a bus stop.

The seat was required; however, a new foot path being built may create a problem with the seat at its current location.

What we did

We assessed the location of the seat at different times of the day. Our maintenance team found the seat to be used by many people in the mornings and afternoons.

School children also used the seat at this bus stop.

We advised the officer that there would be enough space to safely reposition the seat after the footpath was laid.

Not to interfere with the laying of the footpath, we liaised with the works manager to temporarily remove the seat for a very short term while the works were being completed, then re-instate the seat in a position that would satisfy both bus stop patrons and users of the new footpath.

The Outcome

Through good communication the transition was seamless. We removed the bench for four days while that part of the footpath was being installed.

Understanding the need for the seat for the general public, the footpath plan was slightly adjusted to accommodate the reinstallation of the seat. Common sense through effective communication.

We responded to the Travel Smart Officer with a summary of our communication with the works manager, our actions and the outcome.

The City of Mandurah commended us for our ability to successfully work within their deadlines and exceed their expectations.


Thanks very much for sorting this out so quickly, it is much appreciated. I’ll check out your good work next time I am in the area.

Catherine Swift – Travel Smart Officer – City of Rockingham

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