Proactive, programmed maintenance for public infrastructure

Public seats enhance urban living and the sense of community. But a damaged or vandalised seat can quickly diminish the look and feel of an area.

If local residents believe their neighbourhood is being neglected – your phones will soon be ringing hot.

Our approach to maintenance is proactive. We conduct weekly inspections of our assets and respond promptly to all maintenance requests we receive.

Minimal disruption to community

With over 38 years of delivering reliable public infrastructure maintenance, we’re adept at handling diverse problems.

We make sure we complete our work with minimal disruption to people using the streetscape or landscape.

And our service is free because it’s included in our agreement to supply, install and maintain your public seats.

Our proven process delivers rapid response maintenance

Using our simple, efficient process, we have a streamlined, cost-effective system for repairing, restoring or replacing assets swiftly, with minimal disruption to your community.

Local government

  • discovers damage or fault
  • notifies Streetside

Local ratepayer or resident

  • discovers damage or fault
  • notifies Streetside


  • discovers damage or fault during weekly inspections

Streetside confirms receipt of the notification with the local government office. We repair, restore or replace the item within our agreed timeframes

Streetside repairs, restores or replaces the infrastructure on site.

We adopt a transparent approach to all communications with local governments.

We record all reports to analyse and identify trends or vandalism hotspots, so we are proactive with our maintenance programming.

Choose your own innovative reporting platform


Streetside offers the latest reporting platforms making it easier for our maintenance teams to resolve any issues. Specifically customised and designed for your City, these advanced methods of reporting will easily integrate with your existing CRM or workflow, delivering measurable efficiency.

These enhancements will significantly reduce the number of steps required to input a request resulting in quicker assessment and action by Streetside.

Dedicated on-call maintenance teams

After so many years maintaining community seats and other public infrastructure, we know speedy repairs are essential for local governments, residents and advertisers.

Streetside has dedicated, experienced maintenance teams working every day to ensure problems are quickly identified and resolved.

Streetside’s practical steps to manage repairs and maintenance:

  • a reserve of qualified personnel is on call for emergencies that can’t be adequately resolved by one of the maintenance crews.
  • Streetside vehicles carry sufficient equipment to remove graffiti, stickers, posters and attend to minor repairs.
  • our vehicles carry traffic hazard lights, additional revolving hazard lights, safety barrier tapes and warning signs to ensure repairs are completed safely.
  • more complex repairs that do not pose a danger to the general public are recorded and attended to within 24 hours.
  • our seat repainting programme ensures each seat is repainted every three years unless required earlier.
  • we have additional installation teams.
  • we only use quality materials and all our manufacturing processes are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, where such standards are applicable.
  • 24/7 immediate response to any issue that a City considers unsafe, obscene, of a dangerous nature or a health risk.
  • a notice is affixed to every item of Streetside furniture asking people to report damage or graffiti using a 24-hour phone number, email or a QR Code.

Our rigorous maintenance service demonstrates our commitment to supporting local governments, local businesses and local communities. Want to know more? Get in touch.