Public infrastructure enhancing community life

Streetside’s mission to supply public infrastructure that makes a difference to WA communities hasn’t changed much since Rod Hicks established the business in 1981.

Rod pioneered the idea of funding outdoor furniture for public spaces using street advertising.

His vision was to create a WA-based business his family could run together, while also adding to the quality of community life.

Nearly four decades later, Streetside is now a second-generation family business. Rod’s vision is at the heart of why and how we do what we do.

Our mission:

We strive to be the best choice for local governments in WA seeking the supply, installation and maintenance of quality, practical and innovative community furniture.

We share a ‘community-first’ mindset that drives us to provide public infrastructure ratepayers – and council officers – consider above average in quality and functionality.

We want to add value to local businesses by offering affordable opportunities to reach more customers through advertising on our furniture, wherever it’s available.

If you’d like to learn more about how our mission sustains our business, take a look at our gallery or read our client case studies.


Organisations that know and trust Streetside:

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