Streetside and Smart City Solutions

Streetside has partnered with Smart City Solutions, to offer a cost effective and efficient approach to providing a smart waste management solution for progressive local governments.

Waste collection today is inefficiently performed when using static routes and schedules. Some bins are nearly empty making waste collection unnecessary, while some bins are overflowing with waste causing unnecessary clean-up costs

This type of inefficiency wastes time and money, while impacting on the environment.

Introducing modern technology to a traditional industry, local governments can dramatically increase its efficiency in making our community cleaner and environment greener.

By installing Solar Compacting Clean Cubes or Clean Flex Sensors, your City will receive significant economic, environmental and social benefits.
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The Clean Cube

The Clean Cube is a self-compacting, solar-powered smart litterbin. It increases a standard Australian wheelie bin capacity by 800% by providing automatic waste compaction.

Utilising intelligent sensors, the Clean Cube monitors its bin fill-level and operational status in real-time and provides the information to the user through a cloud-based platform. This information can optimise the efficiency of the waste collection process by taking the most economical route to collect only the bins that require collection.

Studies show that the Clean Cube lowers the waste collection operational costs by up to 80%.

With the use of green technology and renewable energy, the Clean Cube is not only the answer to overflowing rubbish, it can also be used to implement other smart solutions.

  • Public WiFi
  • CCTV
  • Outdoor LCD screens
  • Environmental technology sensors
  • Beacon technology ..and more

You can effectively transform your Clean Cube into a “Smart City” hub, while increasing efficiency and saving money with your waste management system.


The Clean Flex Sensor

Your City will likely have many public litterbins currently in place. These assets can be transformed in to a smart waste system by installing Clean Flex Sensors.

Clean Flex is an ultrasonic sensor that can be easily installed on any type of litterbin. It uses robust ultrasonic and sonar technology, allowing it to monitor waste fill-levels.

This market leading technology measures the fill-level status of public litterbin and sends real-time data to the cloud-based platform.

Available with a 10-year battery life or mini solar option, the Clean Flex Sensor can effectively turn any public bin in to a smart asset, offering a more efficient and cost saving waste collection process.

The Clean City Network

The Clean City Network (CCN) is the integrated software that transforms real-time data from each Clean Cube and Clean Flex into information that saves time and money.

Using a cloud-based network, live data is collected and transmitted from each asset. Analytics and predictive algorithms are created to produce the most efficient route for your City’s waste management team to follow.

The CCN has a comprehensive website version for data management and control, while the simplified mobile App version is available to the operational teams on the ground.

The Clean City Network is the core component for your City’s smart sustainable waste management system.

Councils and Organisations that use our Waste Management Solutions include

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