Your reliable choice for community seating

As WA’s most established supplier of community seats – we’re your reliable, tried-and-tested choice. When we receive a request to repair, replace or install a seat, we don’t waste a moment because your community is our priority.

We understand your primary concern is taking care of your community and maintaining their trust. Making life easier for WA communities is our goal too. So, we act quickly to ensure minimal disruption for your residents.

How we work

Free public seating = enhanced community spaces

We supply, install and maintain public seating, as required within your communities – free of charge.

You select your preferred style of seat from our wide range of contemporary, high-tech options.

Seat maintenance = minimal community disruption

We regularly patrol our seat locations to check for wear-and-tear or vandalism.

If you contact us with a request from one of your residents to install, repair or replace a seat, we will act to resolve the issue within 48 hours.

Seat ads = supporting your local community

We provide businesses the option to purchase low-cost advertising space on some of the seats in locations nominated by the local government.

The advertising generates revenue to fund the supply and maintenance of public infrastructure.

Seat advertising = promoting local businesses

Streetside is awarded the exclusive rights to place seat advertising within a WA City or Shire.

Well-placed seat ads can be seen by upwards of 40,000 car occupants per day, all passing through the area where a business is based.

Streetside has a proven history of working well with Local Governments for decades. Why not ask us how we can work with you?


Organisations that know and trust Streetside:

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