Problem or Scenario

In mid-April of 2010 we received a request for two new seats to be placed along Hefron St. A community group had been lobbying for extra seats along this street due to the high number of elderly ratepayers living in the area who walk to the shops. The request detailed two seats to be placed under trees.

A separate request was also received from the City of Rockingham on the same day to install two additional seats be supplied on Arpenteur Drive. This request was raised to the City by the Settlers Hills Community Centre who had upcoming Easter events.

What we did

We were adequately prepared for requests near and over the Easter break. With effective anticipation we were able to install more seats than what was requested.

For the elderly community on Hefron Street, we installed five community seats, four of which were under trees on route to the shopping centre. The City had only requested two community seats however we advised once installed the City was entitled to more than two.

Our Streetside install team also provided three seats at the around the Settlers Community Centre in time for their Easter events.

The Outcome

Where only four seats were requested at the two locations, our Streetside installation teams completed the provision of eight seats solely for community use at the desired locations.

Both installations took place over two trips, four days after the request was received with sufficient time before the Easter break.


‘Thank you very much for installing these seats. I have already received feedback from some very happy residents!

We really appreciate you installing these extra community seats for us also.

Thank you so much for your help and I hope you have a safe and happy Easter’

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