Problem or Scenario

The City of Mandurah undertook a major streetscape upgrade project in their central business district (CBD) in 201x

The community seats (non-advertising), supplied by Streetside and placed throughout the City of Mandurah’s CBD, no longer conformed with the updated streetscape design.

  • Some of the existing locations were not suitable for seats any more.
  • The colour schemes in the CBD had changed, so the seats needed repainting to blend in with the new streetscape.

The project was expected to extend beyond the CBD to Mandurah Terrace, so we needed to consider this when updating the CBD furniture.

What we did

Streetside worked with the City of Mandurah’s officers, and committed to their timeline. We wanted to deliver an outcome beyond expectations.

We arranged a meeting with all the project’s key stakeholders including project managers, business administrators and landscape architects.

Together, we generated a plan to reposition, redesign and renovate the existing community seats within the Mandurah CBD to complement the new streetscape design.

We then employed extra staff to achieve our aim of successfully combining our furniture with the City of Mandurah’s updated streetscape design.

In preparation for the Mandurah Terrace stage of the works, we archived the redesign information and stored our surplus products and materials.

The Outcome

The project was a success.

The Streetside team repositioned and restyled the community seats without interfering with other project works or interrupting the community’s seating requirements.

We completed the work with seamless precision in accordance with the City’s time restraints.

The City of Mandurah commended us for our ability to successfully work within their deadlines and exceed their expectations.


‘Streetside were particularly accommodating when the City undertook a major project to upgrade the City Centre.

Streetside came down to Mandurah and worked with City officers for the best outcome.

This included repositioning some of the seats and painting the seats to match in with the streetscape design.

The City was very pleased with the outcome and continued to work with Streetside for the Mandurah Terrace upgrade.

This project had the same outcome of combining Streetside seats into the City’s streetscape design.’

Kym Goodfellow, City of Mandurah

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