Problem or Scenario

Established in 1997 – Peard Real Estate chose outdoor advertising to put themselves on the map. Executives met with us in 2001 to build a package of an initial ten corporate seat advertising locations along Marmion Avenue to solely promote the corporate logo and brand.

Peard identified the advantage of securing a stream of locations along the primary stretch both north-bound and south-bound on the prime thoroughfare.

This effectively connected every coastal suburb in the northern parts of Perth.

If successful, we would extend the arrangement to individual representatives who would select sites throughout the prime local roads within each suburb. These ads will promote the representative themselves.

What we did

We worked with the marketing executives at Peard Real Estate to come up with a clear and consistent sign design.

Once approved by Peard Real Estate, we placed the initial ten signs at the agreed locations within one week.

The Streetside graphics team also put together consistent design template for representatives should it be deemed necessary

The Outcome

Peard Real Estate deemed our advertising, attitude towards maintenance and prompt and easy set up to be so effective, our partnership grew at a rapid pace.

The Streetside team began meeting and discussing advertising opportunities with each individual representative under the terms of our initial arrangement. These representatives would go on to use seat ad locations within their areas of jurisdiction.

The effectiveness of the ads became ‘word of mouth’ within the Peard Real Estate community as our arrangement grew upwards of 70 seat ad locations north of Perth.

Peard Real Estate remain excellent partners with our Streetside team and after 15 years of business remain a very respected client of ours.


“We have been long time clients with Streetside and have had a wonderful working relationship with them over the years.

They go out of their way to ensure signs are maintained to the highest of standards, so we don’t have to worry about a thing.

Their staff are friendly, helpful and efficient which isn’t an easy take when we have many signs over many areas.

Nothing is too much for the guys, and we look forward to continuing our business with Streetside.”

Clair Dobbin – Marketing Manager Peard Real Estate

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