Problem or Scenario

On the 17th of April 2013 we received a short email from a client with a seat ad asking for us to arrange the removal of some graffiti on her sign on St Stephens Drive in Tapping. The advertising client is Amanda Yates of Harcourts Real Estate.

What We Did

We received the email and returned correspondence, thanking the client for advising of the damages and that I will organise a maintenance vehicle to clean the graffiti that day.

Our general maintenance procedure was executed by alerting and rerouting the nearest maintenance vehicle.

The vehicle was nearby and cleaned the damages in under an hour.

The Outcome

The sign was looking good as new, the surrounding area was also cleaned and tidied. The client was contacted to confirm the task had been completed.


‘I just drove past and saw someone attending to the graffiti. I only just told you about it, what a FANTASTIC service’

Amanda Yates – Area Manager – Harcourts Alliance

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